Tips and Tricks

Getting started

When you first login to your game wall it will be blank.  Start by adding some of your favourite games.  There are a list of community games already imported or you can create your own games.

Add images to make the game look cool on the wall

In order to make your wall look awesome you need to add some images if the game isn't already in the database.   For the logo try and keep to .png logos.  PNG logos have a transparent background and look better on the game wall.

For the banner image choose a large image (the larger the better).

Give your game wall a name

From the left menu click on the settings icon. Go to your profile and click on the pen tool to edit your profile and games room.  Now give your new games room a cool name.

Pinball instruction cards

If you are playing pinball you can click on the games logo to view the official instruction card.

How to access the game wall and make it look nice 

On the left hand side menu click on the game controller icon (GAMES).  This is you  GAME WALL.  After 3 minutes of inactivity the wall will enter a full screen animation and will move slowly from side to side.

You can change the background to your wall buy following the video below.

Use your own QR code to post scores

You can make posting scores even faster and easier by printing off your own QR code, sticking it on your machine and scanning the code to post your scores to your leaderboard.